Security Advice

Free Security Tips from Fortress Locksmiths

We at Fortress Locksmiths believe that both visual and physical deterrents are the best solution in reducing the risk of burglary and enhancing the overall security of your home.

Fitting such deterrents is a one-off investment and need not cost a fortune.

In making your home secure it is important to ensure that you have the correct locks fitted to doors and windows and more importantly that they are the locks that your insurance company specifies. Additional locks and security products are always a good investment.

Room temperature and alarm control panels

Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm is one of the best physical and visual deterrents there is. Whether you are fitting a wire-free or a pre-wired alarm system make sure the contractor is registered with The Private Security Authority and that all installations are fully compliant with EN 50131.

Safety box with electronic lock at hotel.

Security Safes

Choosing a security safe for the home or business can be confusing. There are so many manufacturing companies and sellers claiming that their product is the best. However, no matter what locking system you decide on, i.e. key electronic dial, it is best to insist on a security safe that has been independently tested against the threat of attack and fire.

Digital door lock on wooden door

External Wooden Doors

  • The best security for an external wooden door is to fit a slimline 5 lever insurance-rated mortice lock – i.e. Chubb 3g114.
  • This can be supported with an anti-bump/drill insurance-rated night latch (traditional Yale type lock).
  • An internal heavy duty bolt fitted at the top and bottom of the door will add that extra security for peace of mind.
  • For additional security for both day and night a door viewer or door chain to obtain the identity of a caller is ideal.
Two children in coronavirus lockdown playing draw on the window glass

UPVC Doors & Windows

  • The best security for a UPVC door is to fit a combination of a kite marked cylinder and a 5 point lock, including at least 2 retractable hooks.
  • It is important that the kite mark cylinder must have adequate protection against attack i.e. snapping, drilling and/or bumping.
  • All opening UPVC windows should be fitted with key operated locks and sash jammers where required.


  • A kite mark cylinder and a key operated security bolt is essential for secure sliding patio doors.
  • Locks should be fitted on the sliding/opening door to prevent extraction of the door from the sliding track.
  • A useful tip is to insist that the sliding opening door be operated on the inside.
Close-up partial view of robber stealing valuables, house robbery scene


The following points give good advice for general day to day security measures.

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are secure when leaving your property.
  • Do not leave valuables such as laptops, games consoles, jewellery etc, in sight, through doors and windows.
  • Keep car keys, wallets and handbags away from the front door. Secure them away when not in use in a drawer or cupboard for example.