Replacement Honda car keys

Replacement Honda car keys

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Replacement Honda Car Keys

It’s a driver’s worst nightmare. They go to get in their car, and they can’t find their keys. In most cases, this is simply a case of misplacing them. When it isn’t, drivers will – unfortunately – need to replace their missing keys. When this happens, panic can set it. However, drivers needn’t worry because Fortress Locksmiths make getting replacement car keys is quick and easy.

Fortress Locksmith: Your Go-To Locksmith For Replacement Keys

Fortress Locksmith is a PSA licensed locksmith. Approved by authorities and fully insured, we are trusted and reliable. Our fast-response team mean that we offer a same-day emergency service for anyone who has lost their car keys. In fact, as soon as you call us, we’ll dispatch a qualified locksmith within 15 minutes.

All you need to do is call 086 028 0890, and one of our mobile car locksmiths will come to you—no matter what time of day and what type of vehicle. From Honda car keys to Audi, Ford, BMW and more, we stock a vast range of replacement car keys.

Mobile Locksmith Service

To take the stress out of lost or misplaced keys, we’re here to help. We have state-of-the-art tools and years of experience so we can quickly decode, lock and cut keys for your car at the roadside. Our mobile locksmith service covers Athlone, Galway, Roscommon and the surrounding areas.

What We Need To Know To Replace Your Car Keys

To make replacing your car keys as painless as possible, it would help us to know certain things before we get to you. This includes:

  • The make and model of your vehicle
  • The vehicles registration number
  • The vehicle identification number (or VIN); this is on your logbook or V5C document
  • The type of key you have lost

We’ll also need to see some form of ID so we can confirm you are the vehicle’s owner.

The Keys We Can Replace

Regardless of the car’s make and model, there are two main types of keys – remote keys and transponder (or non-remote) keys. We can replace both types with ease, and you don’t need a spare key for us to do that.

Cars with transponder keys don’t have any remote control function, but they do have a chip linked to your vehicle, so it is important to choose only a professional auto locksmith for the job.

Remote car keys let drivers lock/unlock cars remotely and may include an immobiliser or alarm. Once we know your car’s make and model, and the type of key you need, we will use a professional automotive key programmer to ensure we can decode locks and cut keys for your car, even on the roadside.

Do You Need Replacement Car Keys?

To get an accurate free quote for your car key replacement, contact us today on 086 028 0890, and we can have a locksmith out to you within 30 minutes.