Domestic Locksmith

Locking or unlocking modern door with key in hand

UPVC multi point lock

We have vast range of multi point UPVC door lock mechanisms available should you need a repair/replacement in your home.


Non Destructive

We gain entry using the latest techniques and locksmith equipment and aim to gain entry to your property without any unnecessary damage

Burglar committing a burglary crime in a house with a crowbar

Anti snap locks fitted

Lock snapping is an easy method using basic tools leaving the home owners an easy target for burglars. Luckily the design of anti snap door locks have improved greatly over the years and we have some affordable and effective anti snap cylinders on the market.


Restricted keys

We can install locks in your premises with restricted keys. This means the keys can only ever be duplicated by us or the manufacturer, which means you have peace of mind that there are no unauthorised copies

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Door & Window Locks

The most common locks found in homes are the PVC door and window locks on front and back doors and can also be found on patio and french doors.

Keys hanging on the tacks against green wall

Keying alike

Keying alike is where one key can open all the locks in your home, Padlocks can also be included if discussed at the outset.

Searching For a reliable Locksmith?

Your local mobile licensed Master locksmith is Neil Darcy, a full time trusted mobile Locksmith and owner of Fortress Locksmiths.

Domestic Property Security checks/ Insurance survey & Upgrades

Have you moved into a new property? Fortress locksmiths offer a free, no obligation home security survey.

Security camera surveillance system outdoor of house. Equipment system service for safety life or asset.

We check all of your external doors meet the minimum home insurance requirements, all ground floor windows have suitable locks fitted and any outbuildings have effective security in place.

We would discuss any suggestions and upgrades with you in detail and any work recommended will be presented via a written, no obligation quote!

Restricted key locks

Are you 100% sure that you are the only person with keys to your property? Have all previous owners handed back all keys including spares? Do you know if any builders/estate agents have made any copies? Have you or a family member ever lost a key? has your property ever been burgled?

Restricted key systems only allow the registered owner to obtain copies.

Locksmith in installing new house door lock hand holds the screwdriver

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